The WelfairTM animal welfare certification scheme is based on an exhaustive assessment of the animal’s welfare by direct observation of the animal and its environment. These assessments follow the indications set by the Welfare Quality® and AWIN protocols.

You can access the protocols through the following links:

The Welfare Quality protocols were initially developed for only three species: cattle, pigs and poultry (broilers / hens) on farms and in the slaughterhouse. However, operators working with other species have claimed in recent years that they also need this type of tool. Consequently, IRTA has developed new “Welfare Quality®-inspired” protocols for WelfairTM certification for rabbits, sheep, goats and turkeys.

CattleWelfare Quality® protocols:
  • Dairy cows
  • Fattening cattle
  • Fattening cattle in slaughterhouse
PigsWelfare Quality® protocols:
  • Sows and piglets
  • Fattening pigs
  • Fattening pigs in slaughterhouse
PoultryWelfare Quality® protocols:
  • Broiler chickens on farm
  • Broiler chickens in slaughterhouse
  • Laying hens
AWIN protocols:
  • Fattening turkeys
Welfare Quality®-inspired protocols:
  • Fattening turkeys in slaughterhouse
SheepAWIN protocols:
  • Fattening lambs
  • Dairy sheep
Welfare Quality®-inspired protocols:
  • Fattening sheep in slaughterhouse
RabbitsWelfare Quality®-inspired protocols:
  • Does and kits
  • Fattening rabbits
  • Fattening rabbits in slaughterhouse
QuailsWelfare Quality®-inspired protocols:
  • Laying quails
  • Fattening quails
  • Fattening quails in slaughterhouse