«The certificación Welfair™ welfare certification is the only independent certificate approved by the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) in collaboration with the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development (NEIKER). It is based on European standards Welfare Quality and AWIN® and comprehensively evaluates and monitors animal welfare quality on farms, in rearing areas and in slaughterhouses for bovine, porcine and ovine species as well as for hens, chickens, rabbits and turkeys.

The certification is the fruit of 15 years of research and the work of more than 400 scientists. It represents a pioneering effort based on European Welfare Quality® protocols and AWIN animal welfare indicators, together implying a rigorous animal welfare audit through direct observation of animals and their environment and verification of legislative compliance.

For the first time, animal welfare assessment focuses directly on observing the animals and their progress and behavior. A sample of individuals from a farm or slaughterhouse is analyzed taking into account both previously defined and standardized criteria as well as compliance with current legislation so that the actual status of the animals can be determined rather than solely the conditions under which they are housed or slaughtered.

Consumers’ growing demand for animal welfare has prompted the consolidation of the Welfair™ certificate, which provides both greater transparency and more information. Moreover, it guarantees the rigorous application of a series of standardized and consensual European measures and ensures animal welfare throughout the production cycle.

The Welfair™ certificate allows producers and slaughterhouse managers to become aware of their facility’s animal welfare status, thus encouraging on-going improvement of good, respectful and sustainable practices